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Scotch "On the Rocks" gift set containing 4 hand polished granite cubes, 2 beautiful crystal sippin glasses in a solid walnut box. (Scottish granite)


Sippin on the Rocks boxes

Our set of 6 Rocks - choose from Tequila Rocks®, Vodka Rocks®, Rum Rocks® and Whiskey Rocks® - all come in a handcrafted Aspen box. (non Scottish granite)


Sippin on the Rocks 2 glasses

Discover the difference for yourself!


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Put a little piece of Scotland in your Scotch!

Welcome to the Original "On the Rocks" company. Our highly polished granite (Patent) comes in a solid wood box that will last a lifetime. It is an uncompromising gift that can be personalized for family, friends, clients or for yourself.

Playboy Dec. 2008 "Toss two ice cube size stones into the freezer, then use them to chill your hooch without diluting it one drop."

Sippin on the Rocks offers the perfect solution to the problem of having your Scotch or favorite drink diluted with melting ice. These highly polished granite cubes are simply placed in your freezer and then are used to cool your drink. We are not trying to replace ice, simply allowing the Scotch drinker a chance to enjoy a different aspect of their favorite drink. Even the most demanding conniseur will appreciate putting a little bit of Scotland back into their Scotch!

Limited quantities available.

Order before the Holiday Rush!

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